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RedBeardTactical ist ein neuer Blog, der von Veteranen vor nur wenigen Wochen aus der Taufe gehoben wurde. Wir haben selten solch versierte Blogger getroffen, die mit extremen Fachwissen glänzen konnten und offensichtlich KEINER Ausrüstungsphilosophie hinterherjagen, wie es die vermeintlichen "Experten" machen, die selber nicht operieren und je operiert haben. Sie nehmen kein Geld für die Artikel und finden gnadenlos die Schwachstellen an den Produkten.

Hier geht es zum Artikel:

Today we were invited by one of Germanys leading retailers of tactical gear, S4 Supplies. Their retail store and office is located in Mömbris, Bavaria. S4 Supplies is part of CS Consulting Group and is as such owned by subject matter experts.

They already got us with BRC

We started the tour with a cup of Black Rifle Coffee. The owner, nicknamed „Nato“ not only knows a lot about tactical stuff, but also how to brew a decent coffee, it’s always worth to chat with him and his crew. Sitting in Natos office we started having a look at the next brand they are going to represent in Germany: Beyond clothing. Beyond is a leading US manufacturers in SOF BDUs and also cold and hot weather gear.

Beyonds cold weather combat shirt.

Their Combat Uniforms are somewhat comparable to the current SOF issue combat pants and shirts, but with a much higher emphasis on function. For example they have functional modifications of the SOF BDU like a cold weather combat shirt.

Look for reviews of Beyond clothing soon.

We also looked at Beyonds equatorial line of clothing, specially made for hot and wet environments like jungle. They mixed many European and US influences here, we are proud to produce a review soon.

S4 Supplies has a serious amount of LALO shoes in Stock.

S4 is also the new German retailer for LALO Tactical and LALO Athletic. LALO is owned by former Navy Seals and is specialized in producing lightweight OTB Boots in several colorways.

LALO Tactical impressed us with lightweight boots.

LALO Athletic is doing Athletic footwear. As avid sportsman we can say that they really did their homework. LALO didn’t just release a tacticool sneaker, like many other brands did, just to jump on the „Tacfit“ train. They released dedicated shoes for powerlifting, running and mixed exercises.

LALO Athletics Zodiac is a dedicated running shoe.

A big surprise was VIKTOS clothing. VIKTOS was founded by former US SOF member Dan Brokos as a lifestyle brand and for low viz use. We just knew their products from photos and thought that their styling was to aggressive. But seeing some of their low viz stuff in front of us we were surprised how they managed the stretch between „tactical lifestyle“ and greyman wear. Of course they also have some dedicated lifestyle products that are straight up in „ya face“

S4 Supplies retail store.

They are also dealers for body armour, Princeton Tec lights, Gatorz Eyewear, Smith Optics and other high end brands.

But the most important thing is that their staff is almost exclusively made up of veterans, so they really know what a professional need.

We will keep in touch with those great people and this won’t be the last visit. Not convinced yet? Just visit them at their retail store or just have a quick look at their Online store.

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